Looking forward to baron rating Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold in a can

A parcel arrived today from the good people at Shepherd Neame, this is a canned version of their fairly new bottled ale "Spitfire Gold", brewed to commemorate 75 years since the Battle of Britain:

Shepherd Neame Brewery
  • Spitfire Gold - 4.3% golden ale, smooth sweet malt base built upon with Challenger hops for bitterness. The well-balanced brew also incorporates Centennial and Saaz hops for aroma, with notes of tropical fruits, citrus and pine
Look out for baron ratings for this beer soon, and a big thank you to  John Humphreys from Shepherd Neame for sending it through for a baron rating!

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Pork Scratching Showdown #3

spicy & hairy - the double cooked ones are true craft!
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Wychwood Dr Thirsty's No.4

Not bottle conditioned
Wychwood Dr Thirsty's No.4 [baron rating 3/5] - 4.1% gold ale,grassy mild sweet citrus smell,lemony peppery taste,peppery bitter finish

Looking forward to baron rating all these Ales By Mail ales

Ales By Mail has really delivered the goods this week, which was particularly well timed as during my last 'Baron Rating' audio reviews evening with Chris we ran out of new beers to review! A nice weighty box arrived today in perfect condition thanks to UK Mail and this is what was inside:

Magic Rock Brewing
  • Cannonball - 7.4% India Pale Ale
  • Dark Arts - 6% Surreal Stout
  • High Wire - 5.5% West Coast Pale Ale
  • High Wire Grapefruit - 5.5% Grapefruit Pale Ale
  • Rapture - 4.6% Red Hop Ale
  • Salty Kiss - 4.1% Gooseberry Gose | Lightly sour, fruity and refreshing

Roosters Brewery
  • Baby-Faced Assassin [baron rating 5/5] - 6.1% India Pale Ale, brewed with 100% Citra hops that create aromas of mango, apricot, grapefruit & mandarin orange, along with a lasting, juicy, tropical fruit bitterness
  • Fort Smith [baron rating 5/5] - 5% American Pale Ale, brewed using a blend of four hops from the USA (Amarillo, Chinook, Citra & Crystal) to create tropical and passion fruit aromas and a lasting, bitter finish
  • Yankee [baron rating 4/5] - 4.3% Original Pale Ale, light and easy-drinking, showcases the floral and citrus fruit aromas of the Cascade hop projected against a backdrop of soft Yorkshire water and golden promise pale malt

Wild Beer Co.
  • Bibble - 4.2% Pale Ale+Mosaic+Amarillo, Bibble means to drink regularly in old Somerset dialect
  • Madness IPA - 6.8% an insane amount of hops, give a tropical punchbowl of aromas and wave after wave of tropical and citrus fruits flood over your tongue
Wimbledon Brewery
  • Bravo - 5.5% American Pale Ale, straw coloured, pronounced blackcurrant and tangerine aroma, crisp fruity palete,refreshing bitter bite finish
  • Quartermaine IPA - 6.2% English IPA, the spicy floral character of English hops fills the aroma, introducing the rich malt palete. This combines with a crisp bite of hop bitterness to finish this classic English IPA
  • Tower SPA - 5% fruit, floral spicy and orange aroma, full, rounded palete, satifying bittersweet finish

Look out for 'baron ratings' of these beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul from Ales By Mail for sending these through to me!

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Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold

Not bottle conditioned
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Gold [baron rating 4/5] - 4.3% copper ale,citrus biscuit smell,citrus oatmeal mild spicy taste,spicy mild dry finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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BrewDog Albino Squid Assassin

Not can conditioned
BrewDog Albino Squid Assassin [baron rating 5/5] - 7.4% ruby ale,candied fruits smell,rich sweet candied fruits bitter taste,dry rye finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Thank you to Chris for bringing this round for a baron rating!

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Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition

Not bottle conditioned
Samuel Adams Blonde Ambition [baron rating 3/5] - 4.5% gold ale,herbal fruity smell,creamy sweet crisp apple taste,mild sharp apple finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Duvel Tripel Hop 2016

Bottle conditioned with perfect carbonation
Duvel Tripel Hop 2016 [baron rating 5/5] - 9.5% gold beer,floral smoked cheese smell,peppery lime meringue pie taste,peppery fruity finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Thank you to Rupert from R&R Teamwork for sending this through for a baron rating!