Asda's latest ale offers ( 6th Oct - 16th Nov)

Looks like Asda have extended their '4 for £5' beer deal since the last time I reported. They now appear to have 26 different bottled ales - each bottle working out at £1.25 (this is an 'acceptable' baron price for beer - anything cheaper than £1.33 is candidate for the baron, although the aim is £1 or less).

The 26 beers are:
  • Black Sheep Ale
  • Black Sheep Riggwelter
  • Nethergate Old Growler
  • Robinsons Old Tom 
  • St. Austell Tribute
  • Wells Banana Bread Beer
  • Wells Bombardier Satanic Mills
 Overall this is quite a good selection at not a bad price, with quite a few beers in the 3+ baron rating - check it out and report back!

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