Final round-up of the Batemans Baron Ratings

As you may be aware, Batemans Brewery very kindly sent me a bottle of most of their range to receive a 'Baron Rating', now that I've consumed them all, here are the final scores:
I would like to say a big thank you to Batemans Brewery for their generosity, they do brew some very fine beers!


Curmudgeon said...

XXXB is a classic beer and I also rate the Combined Harvest. However I have experienced very poor head retention with the Victory Ale - which in theory is a beer I should like. Pour a bottle out and the head is virtually gone within five minutes.

Baron Orm said...

I've enjoyed the XXXB for a while but the last bottle (prior to this pack) was supped before I started the whole Ormskirk Baron thing.

I felt like I was revising an old friend! :)

I'm not so fussed about craggy heads but the Victory Ale was just a bit 'much' for a higher rating.

Cheers for the comments BTW, much appreciated!

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