A Baron's eye view of the ALL BEER Flavourmax glass

At the recent Sheffield #twissup I was fortunate to receive a complementary tasting glass from Alex of ALL BEER.

This tulip-shaped glass has a thick heavy base and stem making it nice and steady as well as removing the fear that you might twist off the bottom whilst drying it up!

The bowled shape allows you to fill the glass a third full of ale and then give it a decent swirl, activating the head and releasing a good amount of aroma.

The top is wide enough to be able to get your nose in the glass whilst sipping the beer without it being too big and wasting those all important smells & aromas.

It has a cool hop emblem in the bottom of the glass which provides a nucleation point to focus the release of the carbonation in the beer and thus intensifying the aroma further.
To top it all off it also comes in a funky (& strong) cardboard tube making it very handy for mobile baron ratings!

Ever since Alex kindly gave me this glass I've been using it for all my bottled ale samplings; I must say it really does work very well indeed, allowing me to recognise smells & aromas more easily.  It's made of crystal and so has a 'good' weight to the glass and just feels nice to hold and drink from.

The glass is part of the ALL BEER Experience Pack which comes with the following items:
  • The ALL BEER Guidebook
  • Barley & malt sachets
  • Hop aroma cards

A number of reviews of the ALL BEER Experience Pack have been published recently:
A big thank you again to Alex for providing the fantastic Flavourmax tasting glass, I'm going to be using this glass from now on for all my baron ratings!

Buy the ALL BEER Experience Pack here

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Gareth said...

Be good if you could get govt. stamped ones.

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