Looking forward to 'baron rating' these ales from Waitrose soon!

I had a great bottled beer day yesterday, visiting my local Waitrose store (Formby) to collect some sample bottles that their PR team had arranged to be put to one side for me:

The two unboxed bottles are the ales from the Duchy Originals series of products, I've only ever seen these beers in Waitrose stores and so I'm quite excited about 'baron rating' them.

The boxed one is a Fuller's Vintage Ale (2008) which again seems to only be available in Waitrose (at least from the stores that I visit in the north west). Waitrose carry a great range of Fuller's ales, much more than other local supermarkets.

I'm really looking forward to rating these three bottles and would like to say a big thank you to Bethan and Kelly from Waitrose head office in arranging these samples!

Buy these ales here

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