Badger Blandford Fly

Badger Blandford Fly [baron rating 1/5] - 5.2% gold ginger beer,sweet ginger smell,sugary ginger beer taste & ginger bitter shandy finish

Note: I'm not a fan of ginger beers and I wasn't aware that Blandford Fly was basically a ginger beer.  As the audio explains we were surprised by how gingery it was, maybe you will like it!

Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it.

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Thank you to @BadgerAles for sending this through for a 'baron rating'!

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Other opinions

Tom & Rachel
"delicious.A light malt lemon toffee flavour and I love the fact it doesn't have a stale after taste but a gingerful kick when you breathe out which builds with every mouthful. Would be perfect served extremely chilled on a hot summer's day. I would like to try it served from a jug with ice, fruit, brandy and a little lemonade to see how that would work!"

Dave & Naomi
SmellMeaty pate with ginger undertones
TasteSweet, warming glow
FinishSimilar to heartburn
Rating1/5 & 4/5

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Matt@HopZine said...

It's a bad beer with ginger in it.

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