Looking forward to 'baron rating' Fyne Ales very soon!

I put a call out recently for some Christmas-themed ales (including this video) and Fyne Ales responded with not only a sample or two of their Holly Daze but also a load more bottles of their excellent looking range:

I love the design of the Fyne Ales range, each beer has it's own colour theme, clear information about ABV, simple but useful description and nice gold leaf detail to make them stand out on the shelf.

Fyne Ales Brewery

Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Fyne Ales beers soon, and a big thank you to Elaine from @FyneAles for sending these through to me!

Buy Fyne Ales here

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Rob Derbyshire said...

I'm still awaiting my delivery from Fyne. I expected it in August, I think I've been forgotten about.

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