Dark Star American Pale Ale

Dark Star American Pale Ale [baron rating 5/5] - 4.7% gold ale,citrus slight sulphur smell,juicy sweet piny bitter taste,bitter piny finish
Note: This was from a 4 pint carry-out of their cask ale when I visited them over the Christmas break, would love to see this become part of their bottled line-up!

Thank you to James from Dark Star for handing this over to me!

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Unknown said...

There's something spectacularly 'NHS' about that plastic container. You're very brave to have included it in the photo!

Sounds like this one definitely needs a bottle transfer - but I wonder why they always choose to go high-hop and high-citrus-zest with so many of their creations...?

They're so damned talented, I'd like to see them vary things a bit more.

Baron Orm said...

Have you tried their Imperial Stouts? They are amazing!

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