Looking forward to baron rating Great Newsome ales

A lovely little gift pack arrived on Wednesday from Great Newsome Brewery, I've been following them on Twitter (@greatnewsome) for a while but I've never seen their ales around in the North West and I'm not sure they are available online either (well other than buying a case direct from the brewery).

Great Newsome Brewery
  • Harvest's Gold - 4.7% premium golden ale,First Gold & Goldings provide orange fruit notes with a crisp finish
  • Jem's Stout - 4.3% traditional deep dark stout with tones of roasted malts and liquorice
  • Pricky Back Otchan - 4.2% hoppy light amber ale with a slightly citrus bitterness and a hint of floral nose
  • Sleck Dust - 3.8% thirst quenching light refreshing session ale, with floral notes and a slightly dry finish

Nice looking gift pack with consistent branding
Look out for baron ratings for these Great Newsome Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Matthew (@greatnewsome) for sending them through to me!

Buy Great Newsome ales direct

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