Marston's Sovereign

Not bottle conditioned
Marston's Sovereign [baron rating 4/5] - 4% gold ale,grassy slight floral smell,peppery citrus bittersweet taste,long spicy bitter finish
Thank you to Danny from the Marston's stand for handing this over for a baron rating!


Anonymous said...

Recommended then? Tried the Marynka and was unimpressed, a 3 at best.

Baron Orm said...

Recommended if you see it cheap I think, but don't go out of your way to hunt it down.

It's got that citrusy spicy kick that I like from a golden beer and was pretty nice.

arn said...

how many of the twelve in the cask series are they bottling do you know?

Baron Orm said...

I think it's just this and the Marynka and both of them are not in the shops anymore (other than B&M bargains for 99p each) - say no more.

Baron Orm said...

BTW I got this bottle back in May last year (and drank it not long after), the baron rating has been in my draft folder for a number of months due to a backlog in posting them.

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