Ormskirk's great new bar: The Hop Inn Bier Shoppe

Ormskirk finally has somewhere good to enjoy a few beers, the brand new Hop Inn Bier Shoppe on Burscough Street right in the middle of the town centre. Owned by the same people who run the very popular The Hop Vine pub in Burscough and who also run the Burscough Brewing Company, it's been open just two weeks and has proven very popular with the local people.

Looks great from the outside, even better on the inside!

I've visited it twice so far, once on it's opening night where it was absolutely rammed, and also the Thursday just before Easter where it was also extremely busy - a great sign for a bar trying to do something a little different than be 'just another pub'. They have seating down one side of the bar and a standing area on the other, the seated side also houses the display cabinets of the different bottled beers available.

Bottled beers on display & comfy seating

The bar, 3 cask, 6 keg & loads of Belgium bottles

Baron & Source Deli Paul browsing the beer menu

They have three cask handpulls serving local ales, including their own Burscough ales, along with George Wright on the opening night, and Wilson Potter last Thursday. They also have a 6-way keg font serving Hop Inn German Lager, Warsteiner Lager, Paulaner wheat beer, Chimay tripel, Flensburger & Küppers Kölsch. They also have well over 50 different Belgium bottled beers as well as wine and spirits.

The bottled beers are highlighted in a well-produced beer menu, with tasting notes, ABV and general details about the beers. This along with well-informed staff means that there were always plenty of empty bottles of Belgium beer on the tables, something I was quite astounded to see in Ormskirk!

Fancy beer in Ormskirk? Are you sure?

The appropriate glassware is also present which is a quality touch, the last thing you want is to be drinking a strong Belgian beer from a half-pint nonic glass. Prices are very reasonable with the cask ales around the £2.50-£3 a pint mark, some of the imported strong large bottles can be quite expensive, but there is a whole range of choices in between.

It's an excellent bar and a very welcome change from the rather tired pubs in the town centre. Now there's a place for the beer drinker who's looking for something a bit different than standard lager or 4% brown beer.

I wish Will & his staff the best of luck, it's the only place in Ormskirk that I plan from now on to be drinking in!
Will McCombe (landlord, Hop Inn Bier Shoppe), Mike McCombe (landlord, The Hop Vine) & Andy Brocken (Burscough Brewery)

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Unknown said...

Although I did the brewing for the first 10 months after we opened the brewery credit should now go to John Woodhead, (Head Brewer) and Scott McMonagle, (Assistant Brewer)for the quality and consistency of the beers now being produced. I now focus on the business side of things. (Andy Brocken)

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