An interesting advertising campaign for Shepherd Neame Spitfire

Shepherd Neame Brewery's Spitfire is one of those bottled ales which is available nearly everywhere - from Bargain Booze and other 'general' offies to all the supermarkets big and small. It's a good beer which has a distinctive 'Shepherd Neame' smell & taste which isn't for all tastes but is a safe bet where ever you find it.

I think it was one of the first ales I baron rated  having first rated it back in July 2009 (the month I started being 'the baron') and then again in March 2011 this time giving it an audio review.

The reason for writing about Spitfire now is that a bottle arrived this week from Shepherd Neame which has the familar Spitfire logo and branding but with a 'couple of chaps' added to the logo:

They have decided to launch a new TV campaign using Armstrong & Miller in the guise of their RAF pilot characters. These guys are really funny and it's nice to see that Spitfire isn't completely taking over from their comedy aspect - the two seem to be blended nicely together:

Nice t-shirt too!
More videos can be found on the Spitfire YouTube page

Thank you to John Humphreys (@ShepherdNeame) for sending me a bottle along with the press release information, hope the campaign is a huge success.

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