Looking forward to baron rating Siren ales thanks to eeBria

eeBria got in touch with me a few weeks back asking if I'd like to try out their service, they are a new player on the online beer scene aiming to "showcase small but brilliant and talented UK alcohol producers". You place your order via their website which lists numerous beer, wine and spirit producers and then they pass the order on so that your booze is sent direct from the producer aiming for it to be as fresh as possible when it comes to your door.

They aim to be different: you are "buying directly" from the brewery, so there are no products sitting around in warehouses and they only sell from "the best breweries" - currently Kernel, Siren, Brew By Numbers, Harbour, Celt Experience, with more to follow.

They offered me a free case of ale and I picked Siren Craft Brew, I'd not heard of them before but after looking on RateBeer decided that they were well worth a try ;) The order did take quite a while to get to me, Siren were expecting their bottles back from the bottler sooner than they did and so they still had them available for order via eeBria which held up my order for a few days. Anyway the beers arrived in perfect condition on Thursday (in a nice sturdy box), here are the details:

Siren Craft Brew
  • Broken Dream - 6.5% breakfast stout. Deep and complex,coffee and chocolate aromas, with the silky unctuousness of oats to create thick, velvety delirium
  • Half Mast QIPA - 2.7% Quarter IPA, golden coloured IPA has a surprising malt base considering it's strength. Low bitterness but a huge hop profile popping with mango and grapefruit
  • Limoncello IPA - 9.1% truely different beer,created as a beery version of of the Italian sipping drink Limoncello, the three brewers of Siren, Mikkeller and Hill Farmstead came together to craft something that doesn't fit a style or category. A malt base of pilsner and wheat,lactose to provide sweetness balanced by tons of lemon zest and juice
  • Liquid Mistress - 5.8% red IPA,biscuit & burnt raisin malt base with peach and grapefruit highlights
  • Soundwave - 5.6% IPA, golden, hoppy and full with a resinous finish
  • Undercurrent - 4.5% oatmeal pale ale,bold bready and nutty malt with a spicy, citrus, floral concoction. The body is silky and creamy
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Siren Craft Brew ales soon, and a big thank you to eeBria (@eeBriaUK) for sending them through to me!

Buy Siren ales from eeBria (and get 10% off if you use code "BARON" at the checkout)

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beersiveknown said...

i really enjoyed half mast and broken dream on cask. jealous about the limoncello!

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