Looking forward to baron rating Thwaites Crafty Dan Micro Brewery ales

Thwaites have been producing some cracking ales over the past year or so, with them showing up at various beer festivals around the country.13 Guns was talk of 2012's Great British Beer Festival and Fallen Nun was very well received at this year's National Winter Ales Festival.

A gift pack from Thwaites arrived today (in a huge box, not sure the vast excess of packaging was really needed Thwaites!) branded up with the Crafty Dan Micro Brewery labelling. This is their separate 'micro brewery' allowing them to have more chance to experiment compared to when they are brewing on their normal large-scale kit.

The first three beers to come out under this new brand are detailed below, all three have clean smart distinctive branding with plenty of detail of the bottle about the type of beer the drinker will find inside and on the back of the gift box are some details of the types of food that they might pair well with:

Thwaites (Crafty Dan Micro) Brewery
  • 13 Guns - 5.5% American IPA, Intensely hopy, rich mouth feel, malty flavours with soft tropical fruit aroma and taste. Intense piney and tropical flavours blend well with mixed spicy dishes, like curries
  • Big Ben - 5.8% brown ale, strong hop aroma one a sweet brown ale with a long bitter-sweet finish. Full and bittersweet flavours are a great match for grilled red meats
  • Triple C - 5.3% golden ale, full, smooth and balanced beer with an intense citrus hop aroma. Citrus and slightly bitter flavours balance the smoothness of a creamy cheese
Look out for 'baron ratings' of these beers soon, and a big thank you to @Daniel_Thwaites from Thwaites Brewery for sending these through to me!

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