Looking forward to baron rating Dark Star Hophead

I grew up in Brighton down on the south coast, which is original home of Dark Star Brewing Co. Shame I wasn't into ales at that point as otherwise it might have been hard to leave there...

Dark Star have been very good to the baron over the years, with guided tours, free swag and also a chance to try their latest bottled ales as soon as they have come off the bottling line. That's pretty much what happened last week when their new bottled ale, Hophead arrived:

Dark Star Brewing Co.
  • Hophead - 3.8% perfectly balanced light ale, straw coloured finest malted barley and delicate fruity Cascade hop flavours
This is Dark Star's number one cask ale, accounting for around half of the brewery's annual production. Not really a surprise when the cask version is excellent - an extremely tasty sub-4% beer which is completely sessionable. Once you've got a taste for it you don't move from it for the rest of the evening! Let's hope the bottled version is as good, it's got a lot to live up to!

Look out for baron ratings for these Dark Star Brewing Co. beers soon, and a big thank you to James (@darkstarbrewco) for sending them through to me!

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