Looking forward to baron rating Stringers Dicky Moe

Stringers, a small brewery up in Ulverston, Cumbria, brewing amazing beers with just Jon and Becky behind the wheel. Brewing great beer, hand delivering casks & bottles, marketing, supplying Booths supermarket, and blogging too! Since my first sip of Stringers IPA I've been a massive fan, if they 'floated' on the stock market I would be a shareholder without a doubt.

Jon dropped off a couple of bottles of something rather interesting this week, a beer that ticks a number of boxes for my beer review buddy Chris, as he's a big fan of the book...

"It's meant to be hazy! Pour - swirl - pour - enjoy!
Stringers Brewery
  • Dicky Moe - 6% white IPA, naturally cloudy (with yeast)
Thank you to Jon (@StringersBeer) from Stringers for handing this over for a baron rating!

Buy Stringers ales from Source Deli, Booths & Holborn Ales

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