Looking forward to baron rating Aldi lagers

We recently reviewed a German-brewed lager called Berliner Kindl Pils [baron rating 4/5] which I picked up in my local Aldi store for a whopping 99p. It's a great lager, got a good flavour and is cracking value at that price.Aldi got in touch with us and have sent through a few more of their lager range for review:

  • Lowenstein - 4.5% imported quality pilsner, produced in France by EMB 54115D
  • Sainte Etienne -4.8% continental import beer, produced in France
  • Steinhauser - 4.7% full flavoured German brewed lage with a fine, dry, hoppy taste. 
Look out for 'baron ratings' of these beers soon, and a big thank you to Ben Hemmington from @clarioncomms for sending them through to me!

Buy all these ales from Aldi

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