Looking forward to baron rating Hardknott ales

Hardknott Brewery, well what to say. I met a very enthusiastic Dave at a #Twissup in Sheffield, 2010 and immediately liked the guy, he was approachable, friendly & highly energised about all things brewing. Since then I've been sent samples of his beers, helped him get his beers into Ormskirk first craft bottled beer place,  Source Deli, and generally enjoyed his beers where ever I can find them. Just this week I pointed the organisers of the upcoming Ormskirk Beer, Food and Wine Festival towards him and I think an order has been placed.

Anyway, a lovely pack of good-looking samples showed up at the end of last week:

A solid looking line-up
Hardknott Brewery
  • Azimuth IPA - 5.8% zesty orange pith nose, with flavours of peach and apricot skins with a hint of caramel honeysuckle and spring gorse flowers
  • Elixir Of Invincibility - 7.3% beer using buckets of hops from New Zealand
  • Infra Red - 6.2%deep ruby red, earthy orange and caramel nose, sweet toffee start, peppery dark roast parsnips and a long bitter finish
  • Nuclear Sunset - 4.2% crisp refreshing wit, with orange, coriander, nutmeg
Look out for a 'baron rating' for these Hardknott Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Dave (@hardknottdave) for sending them through to me!

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