Looking forward to baron rating these Badger ales soon

I mentioned via Twitter recently that I'd spotted that Badger Ales (Hall & Woodhouse) had released a number of new ales into the Badger lineup that I'd not tried. They offered to send some over and this is what arrived today:

Hall & Woodhouse
  • Daring Diver - 4.7% See: light copper, Smell: hoppy, citrus, Taste: hoppy with  biscuit undertones
  • Firkin Fox - 4.6% See: auburn, Smell: intense, citrus hop, Taste: biscuity maltiness, refreshing hop
  • Leaping Legend -  4.8% See: autumnal gold, Smell: citrus, grapefruit hop, Taste: fresh, full, hoppy
Look out for baron ratings for these beers soon, and a big thank you to  @Badgerales from Hall & Woodhouse for sending them through for a baron rating!

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