Looking forward to all these Best of British Beers!

I was fortunate to be picked as a beer judge at the recent SIBA Wales & West Region competition down in Ludlow, and bumped into Will and Gill from Best of British Beer. They have been a supporter of the Baron some time ago and it was great to catch up with them both and to find out that they are doing very well. They sold a load of beer in minutes via QVC, sell hand-picked beer selections as well as providing gift packs of ales, wines and spirits.  They said that they would send through some samples from their 'curated packs' and a couple of days later a box arrived in perfect condition:

These six beers were selected as part of their "craft" selection:
  • 360 Degrees Project Gemini v2.0 - 4.3% twin hopped session pale ale
  • Animal Oink! - 4.6% Yakima red rye ale
  • Crate Pale - 4.5% fresh & aromatic, bursting with tropical aromas
  • Electric Bear Livewire - 5.4% IPA, citrus & floral herb notes with perfectly balanced bitterness. It gives a punchy crisp finish
  • Fyne Ragnarok - 7.4% double IPA - imperial Jarl, sweet hoppy aromas followed by citrus and toffee to finish
  • Uprising Treason - 6% West Coast IPA, burning bronze in colour with a big hop aroma that gives way to a lingering spicy bitterness

These six beers are part of their "sub four" selection, all low ABV, but high on flavour:
  • Allendale Pennine Pale - 4% golden ale, brewed with an outstanding trio of bold American hops for a full fruity aroma and flavour, with a refreshing citrus finish
  • Brighton Bier Bier- 4% 'all-rounder' pale, progressive yet balanced, moreish and refreshing
  • Bude Porthbud - 4% pale ale
  • Exeter Avocet - 3.9% pale straw colour with a light citrus taste
  • Peerless Triple Blond - 4% zesty blonde ale, a blonde ale using three malts and three hops. Brewing with a higher than normal percentage of wheat gives this zesty beer its unique flavour
  • Shropshire Brewer The Golden Arrow - 3.9% pale ale, a moderate strength pale gold session ale with an abundance of hop character provided by a blend of New Zealand and British hop varieties
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Best of British Beer beers soon, and a big thank you to Will & Gill (@bob_beer) for sending them through to me!

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