Looking forward to baron rating Edinburgh Beer Factory's Paolozzi

An amazing gift pack arrived a couple of weeks ago, a beautifully branded blue box, with design on all sides of it.

The box was sent through from R & R Teamwork who are the PR agency for Edinburgh Beer Factory's recently launched Paolozzi lager

The contents of the box was just as lovely the outside, a glossy booklet explaining about the origins of the Munich-style lager, some colourful beer mats as well as three bottles of the said lager and a lovely branded glass.

A very pleasant looking gift pack indeed!

A very smart looking bottle
Edinburgh Beer Factory
  • Paolozzi - 5.2% full-bodied, unpasteurised 'Helles' lager, lusciously malty with a low bitterness. Brewed with Lager Pils & Caramalt barley malts and subtly hopped with Saaz & Hallertau
Look out for a 'baron rating' for this beer soon, and a big thank you to Emanuele from R&R Teamwork for sending it through to me!

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