Looking forward to baron rating Hillside Severn Surge

I feel really bad about this one. The lovely people at Hillside Brewery sent through a bottle of beer before Christmas and I've only just got round to saying thank you for it today.  I've been busy but that's no excuse. I've also not really been in the mood recently for 'baron rating' - think it's probably the post-Christmas blues as well as consuming probably far too many beers over the festive period.

Anyway I'd like to thank Hillside for sending through a bottle of their Severn Surge porter:

Hillside Brewery
  • Severn Surge - 5.4% porter, black in colour, smokey chocolate, coffee aroma, complex, smokey, roast malt flavour (it's almost like I don't need to baron rate it as the info is all there on the side of the bottle!)
Look out for 'baron ratings' of these beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul (@Hillsidebrewery) from Hillside Brewery for sending these through to me!

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