myBrewerytap's 52 Week Beer Club - feedback from a happy member

I joined myBrewerytap's 52 Week Beer Club back in December last year and after receiving my first pack I was spreading the word of this excellent club. A friend of mine on the Isle of Man ordered it based on my recommendation, here are his comments (along with a couple of shots of the bar in his lounge):

Thanks for putting me on to this, I have quite enjoyed the experience. It has left me wondering when the next batch is due.

Below are the ratings for the beers and any comments I noted. The Golden Warrior and the Cardi Bay would be my recommendations.

So in descending order:

4.5   Empire Brewing; Golden Warrior

Very fruity Wheat/Barley beer similar to Kroneburg blanc

4.0   Penlon Cottage; Cardi Bay Best Bitter
Very drinkable 

3.5   Sambrooks; Wandle Ale
surprisingly fizzy out of the bottle, if I didn't know otherwise I would say it had been carbonated. smooth finish

3.5   Stroud Brewing; Woolsack Organic Porter
smooth burnt flavour, fizzy

3.5   Leyden; Forever Bury
calls itself a bitter but I would class it as an ale - dark to look at.

3.5   Windsoe Castle(sadlers); thin ice
smooth with the hint of  fruitiness

3.0   Atlantic;Atlantic Red
disappointing, the colour promised something interesting. still, an acceptable drink

3.0   Quartz Brewing; Quartz Blonde
bland, neither offensive nor unpleasant

3.0   Bitter End; Lakeland Golden

3.0   Dent; Aviator

3.0   Wensleydale; Gamekeeper

caramel aftertaste

2.5   Three Castles; Autumn Haze
not for me

1.0   Leather britches; Bounder
carbonated dishwater - did not taste like beer

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