Looking forward to 'baron rating' Wold Top ales very soon!

When we were reviewing the last of the myBrewerytap '52 week beer club' summer pack we found the cap on the Wold Top Wold Gold was loose and the beer had been leaking out for a few weeks. When we opened the beer it was completely flat and off and so we couldn't 'baron rate' it.

I emailed Wold Top about this and they offered to send some through, what they didn't say was quite how many samples they would send! Check out this great selection of Wold Top ales:

Wold Top Brewery

  • 5 Wold Rings - 5% amber beer
  • Against The Grain - 4.5% wheat free ale
  • Centenary Way - 3.5% mild ale
  • Falling Stone - 4.2% best bitter
  • Golden Summer - 4.4% fruity amber beer
  • Mars Magic - 4.6% dark beer
  • Merry Christmas - 6% dark beer
  • Summer Holiday - 5.5% rich dark beer
  • Veteran Ale - 4.2% armed forces charity ale
  • Wold Gold - 4.8% blonde beer
  • Wold Top - 3.7% bitter
  • Wolds Way - 3.6% pale ale
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Wold Top beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul from Wold Top Brewery for sending these through to me!

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