Looking forward to 'baron rating' more Williams Bros ales very soon!

Williams Bros tweeted some photos last week of their new 330ml bottles for their premium craft lager. It has a very funky gently embossed main label as well as a smart looking 'over cap' label. (click the photo to the right to see a zoom in of the funky label details)

Well I'm happy to say that some samples of the above mentioned lager were delivered to Baron Towers this morning along with a few others that haven't had the full 'baron rating' treatment yet:

Williams Bros Brewery
  • Black - 4.2% rich dark ale
  • Ceilidh - 4.7% premium craft lager, matured for 90 days to produce a delicious, crisp, citrusy lager
  • Cock O'The Walk - 4.3% warm red ale with a lovely citrusy hoppy aroma
  • Harvest Sun - 3.9% golden ale with a dry, crisp flavour & sweet, hoppy aroma
  • Joker IPA - 5% fresh citrusy aroma & bittersweet full flavour
  • Midnight Sun - 5.6% rich, dark & spicy porter
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Williams Bros beers soon, and a big thank you to @WilliamsBrewery from Williams Bros. for sending these through to me!

Buy Williams Bros ales here and here


Ghost Drinker said...

We love all things Williams Bros at Beer Ritz, partially because there such a bargain, but mainly that there so good! Alba, Fraoch and Grozet are a few Favorites :D

Baron Orm said...

I liked the historic range but my favourites are things like Good Times & Joker IPA - they seem to have a knack for churning out a tasty sweetish pale golden beer without having to push the ABV to hard.

I also like the massive range they have,gives you plenty of choice!

Sat In A Pub said...

Yes, I do rate them as well. I also like the new design-very funky, as you say.

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