Details of myBrewerytap's 52 week beer club (Spring 2011)

The Spring box of myBrewerytap's excellent "52 week beer club" arrived this week, here are the details of what's in the box as well as an unboxing video:

Here's the Hollywood trailer of the Baron Unboxing video:

Special thanks to Chris for taking the time to produce this awesome hollywood-style trailer!

  • Bays Gold - 4.3% light golden ale with lemon citrus overtones
  • Breconshire Rescue Brew - 4% amber bitter with a hoppy aroma & lingering bitterness
  • Brentwood Brentwood Gold - 4.3% rich golden beer fruity hops with a great finish
  • Fyne Jarl [baron rating 5/5] - 3.8% hoppy blond session ale with strong citrus flavours
  • Inveralmond Lia Fail - 4.7% Scottish dark beer,rich & spicy aroma,full bodied taste
  • McMullen AK XXX - 4.1% rich brown ale with balanced maltiness & subtle bitterness
  • Oakham Citra - 4.6% light refreshing beer, pungent grapefruit,lychees & gooseberry aromas & dry bitter finish
  • Saffron Saffron IPA - 3.6% light copper ale with hints of toffee & malty flavours
Watch Chris & I unbox the latest myBrewerytap beers:

Video recorded on Chris's excellent new camera, the Panasonic LX5

Thank you to Richard from myBrewerytap for the complementary membership to the club, I really enjoyed being a paying member of it last year and so far it looks like it's going to be even better!

Join it now and make sure you say the baron made me do it!


myBrewerytap said...

Loving the videos guys! Keep up the good work :)

StringersBeer said...

Oh no! You've made beer look a bit exciting, and [gulps] quite a lot of fun! What were you thinking of?

Baron Orm said...

myBrewerytap, cheers for the kind comments & thanks for the subscription!

StringersBeer, sorry for doing that, really must try to think of a why to make it boring next time... ;)

Rob Derbyshire said...

Love the video!

Next time I demand cut scenes of a fedora-wearing Baron cracking a whip and swinging over a chasum of empties!

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