Looking forward to 'baron rating' Pipers Crisps very soon!

Pipers Crisps got in touch with me this week after I responded to a call to action placed in last week's The Publican's Morning Advertiser.

Less than 24 hours later a box arrived at Baron Towers:

I love the traditional-style logo and labeling on the side of the box. In it contained a superb selection of really nicely presented handmade crisps.

Pipers Crisps

  • Anglesey Sea Salt - made with Halen Mon salt flakes from The Anglesey Sea Salt Company
  • Biggleswade Sweet Chilli - made with Cayenne & Firilla chillies from Filippo Genovese
  • Norfolk Bloody Mary - made with Norfolk plum tomatoes from Cornerways Nursery
  • Sea Salt And Indian Black Pepper - made with Tellicherry black peppercorns from the Karnataka region of India
  • Sea Salt & Somerset Cider Vinegar - made with Burrow Hill Cider in Somerset
  • West Country Cheddar And Onion - made with Cheddar cheese from Lye Cross Farm
Look out for the 'baron rating' for these Pipers Crisps soon, and a big thank you to Zoe & Alex from @Pipers Crisps for sending them through to me!


arn said...

first beer, then crisps.
Your just rubbing it in now ;)

Baron Orm said...

Just giving thanks where it's due! ;)

Rob Derbyshire said...

SNACKS AT LAST! You finally did it!
Next up free Frickadella and Hot Mango Chutney.

Baron Orm said...

You never know! I know that Cooking Lager got some samples sent through from Aldi, if they ever find this post then a few packs of Frickadellen and hot mango chutney would be prime candidate for a baron rating!

Going to be sampling some of the crisps tonight as we are audio baron rating with Paul from Source Deli as our special guest!

Neswulf said...

Just had me a pack of Norfolk Bloody Mary last night. Went down well with a pint of Double Drop. :)

Baron Orm said...

Those and the black pepper ones were my favourite, oh and not forgetting the sweet chilli ones too! :D

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