The Worthington's White Shield experiment

I was reading The Pump Clip Parade the other day and the topic of Worthington's White Shield came up. Don't get me wrong, I like White Shield but I just don't find it a beer to rave over unlike some others on twitter and the in the beer blogosphere.

After commenting about it and reading in other blog posts long gone about how White Shield ages over time (as it's bottle conditioned) I've decided to do a "White Shield experiment".

I've bought two bottles from Morrisons both with the same best before date and what looks like a batch number:

Printed on the label: "21/09/12 264"

I'm going to drink one very soon (tonight actually) and then the other in six months time and post my results.

If this interests you, or you fancy doing the same type of experiment then please comment below, White Shield is easily available nationwide (thanks to Molson-Coors) and so any branch of Morrisons should be able to help along with probably most small specialise off-licenses.

Post you comments on what the 'young' bottle tastes like and let's look forward to six months time for the opening of the 'aged' bottle!


Birkonian said...

I've got a bottle from the late 80's. It's probably ready to drink now. Plus a couple of corked bottles from the 30's with a similar label which pre-dates the White Shield name.

Jeff Pickthall said...

You can expand upon this trial by keeping one bottle warm-ish and one bottle cold-ish.

Baron Orm said...


I think I'll wait until Molson Coors get in touch to 'sponsor' a full-on varied taste test for variants like this! ;)

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