Williams Bros Fraoch

Williams Bros Fraoch [baron rating 2/5] - 5% gold ale,sweet floral smell,floral spicy citrus taste,dry herbal floral finish

I could tell that this was a nicely balanced beer and has a large following but I just found it far too floral - I'm not a fan of floral at the best of times and this was excessive for my tastebuds.

Note: Not bottle conditioned

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, best not let my missus see the score for this one, Fraoch's one of her all-time faves. Which is maybe a bit odd, seeing as she's usually a stout drinker, but there you go...

Baron Orm said...

Hehe! It's just not to my tastes really, but then again that's what my baron ratings are all about - which beers would _I_ buy again and which would I avoid.

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