Looking forward to baron rating Adnams mini-casks

Two mini-casks from Adnams arrived out of the blue this week (it was so cool being handed this heavy box with Adnams on the side and not having a clue about what was in it!):

Adnams Brewery
  • Green Bullet - 4.6% Spicy, lemon, grassy aromas, good sweetness & mouthfeel to balance the lemon rind bitterness with a dry finish
  • New Zealand Pale Ale - 4% A crisp, dry, blonde beer. Nelson Sauvin adds fantastic gooseberry flavours to the beer similar to a Sauvignon Blanc.
 Each cask holds 5 litres of lovely Adnams beer and the Green Bullet ale is only available in M&B pubs - I'm very lucky to have some in mini-cask form. I've not tried the NZPA yet but the Green Bullet is amazing, look out for an audio baron rating very soon!

Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Adnams beers soon, and a big thank you to @SoleBear & @Adnams from Adnams for sending these through to me!

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Neville Grundy said...

I never get anything that interesting in the post!

Baron Orm said...

I had no clue they were coming, I had discussed Green Bullet hops with Fergus over twitter a few weeks ago but that was it.

The green bullet beer is lovely stuff (audio review coming this weekend) I hope they start to offer it outside of M&B pubs.

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