Oakham Green Devil IPA

Bottle conditioned with perfect carbonation
Oakham Green Devil IPA [baron rating 5/5] - 6% pale gold ale,fresh pine mango smell,bright citrus resinous bitter taste,bitter pine finish
Listen to what we all (see the note below) have to say about it

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Thank you to Andrew (@TheAleRoom) from The Ale Room for sending this through for a baron rating!

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Note : This was the biggest baron rating session yet, with six of us sampling and saying what we thought whilst sat in the lovely Source Deli in Ormskirk. From left to right in the photo:
The baron rating crew (minus the baron who was taking the photo
The Ormskirk Baron with Oakham Green Devil IPA


@Judging_Jester said...

The guy at back on the right is one sexy bastard

Baron Orm said...

You would say that - he is you and you is he!

@Judging_Jester said...

Joking aside the Green Devil was amazing

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