Stringers West Coast Blond

Not bottle conditioned
Stringers West Coast Blond [baron rating 5/5] - 4.4% gold ale,light floral tangerine smell,citrus spicy bitter taste,pithy citrus finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Thank you to Jon (@StringersBeer) from Stringers for handing this over for a baron rating!

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Based on what we describe in the audio should Stringers make this part of their line-up? I spoke to Jon after we reviewed this beer and he said that they are not sure whether they should turn this trial beer into a regular bottled beer. He asked "Is there a need for yet another golden beer?".

I'm interested in your opinion if you would be kind enough to share it in the comments below?


@Judging_Jester said...

If it's an excellent beer it should be a regular beer! It would make a good motto that!

MusicRab said...

Sounds like Thornbridge;) If its at all similar then yes, bottle it.

Baron Orm said...

Cheers chaps for commenting, I would definitely buy it, I consider it up against the likes of Thornbridge Wild Swan or Hawkshead Lakeland Gold - it's that kind of golden beer (got a good hop presence).

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