Looking forward to baron rating Best of British Beer's Christmas ales

Christmas comes round far too quickly doesn't it?

It feels like only yesterday that we were baron rating some Christmas ales sent from Best of British Beer, well here are this year's contenders:

  • Backyard Bad Santa - 6.8%, dark & strong. Full of sweet malt character, toffee & liquorice. Chased along by a big hitting bitterness with blackberry,citrus & aniseed. The sort of beer to poke you in the eye and pinch your Christmas presents!
  • Cheddar Festive Totty - 4.7% bottle conditioned porter with ruby port. Festive Totty is our award-winning Totty Pot porter enriched with ruby port to give a smoother, sweeter taste with hints of chocolate and fruit
  • George Wright Reindeer's Revenge - 5.1% premium ale brewed using only the Citra hop, giving this ale a citrus character along side a tropical hint of mango. This beer boasts exciting aromas and flavours (sounds interesting but the label is awful)
  • Monty's Ding Dong - 4.4% Christmas special. A Champagne style real ale which is light, crisp & refreshing with a dry finish (we reviewed this last year but the bottle conditioning was completely wrong)
  • Quartz Cracker - 5% *no description on the bottle whatsoever*
  • York Stocking Filler [baron rating 4/5] - 4.8% dark, rich full bodied ale,having a distinctive finish of roast malt and chocolate. The addition of seasonal spices helps to add a hint of spice on the palete giving us a robust and satisfying beer (this is a good beer but the label should be banned!)
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Best of British Beer beers soon, and a big thank you to @bob_beer for sending them through to me!

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