Looking forward to baron rating Shepherd Neame ales

Shepherd Neame beers are everywhere - available in every supermarket, nearly every off-license, and online.

Mostly they are beers delivered in clear bottles, are 4-5% ABV, and taste quite similar to each other for the most part, but a couple of bottles arrived at the weekend that have completely smashed what I've just said to bits!

Two beers in dark brown bottles with amazing vintage-styled labels and some pretty beefy ABVs and descriptions:

Amazing looking bottles, these scream BUY ME!

Shepherd Neame Brewery
  • Double Stout - 5.2% classic double stout from a recipe discovered in the vaults of Britain's oldest brewery. velvety-smooth palate of dry, burnt flavours complemented by roast, cocoa & coffee notes. Black, creamy & delicious; it is a Shepherd Neame masterpiece
  • India Pale Ale - 6.1% historic brew, a quintessentially strong & hoppy beer with a bold, stirring character. Pale in colour and generously bittered with locally grown Fuggles hops
Look out for baron ratings for these Shepherd Neame Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Moray (@ShepherdNeame) for sending them through for a baron rating!

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arn said...

they have released a 'double stout' before, not that great, 4%abv, so this is what, a new version they found???

Baron Orm said...

This one is based on an old recipe that they have found, it's 5.2% and is meant to be much bolder than the one you are referring too.

Here's a review of this new one:

Curmudgeon said...

1698 and Christmas Ale are now in brown bottles, and I think the (rather forgettable) Spooky Ale for Halloween was too.

The 7% Christmas Ale is a stonking bargain for £1.50 at Morrisons.

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