Looking forward to baron rating The Ale Room ales

The Ale Room appeared on the beer scene near the end of last year and sent through a cracking selection of the ales that they stocked at that time. Well they've not waited around and have been slowly expanding their selection seeking out the more interesting ales out there. They have sent through four more ales for baron ratings and I'd be surprised if you didn't want to try each and every one of these!

Three small, one huge!

Check out the size of this bad boy!
  • Anarchy Anarchy - 7% craft brewed strong continental style lager with a fruity character. Smooth and very refreshing. Lagered for six weeks
  • Anarchy Sublime Chaos - 7% breakfast stout, dark voluptuous stout infused with Ethiopian Guji natural coffee beans, balanced delicately with New Zealand hops
  • Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout - 7% rich flavourful brew, deep chocolate in colour with a roasted barley nose and flavour that is a complexity of malt, hops, alcohol and yeast
  • Slater's Emperor IPA - 7% traditional English IPA matured in oak casks for six weeks. Brewed using traditional Challenger hops, with additions of Fuggles & Whitbread Goldings giving the brew a distinctive nose 
Look out for baron ratings for these The Ale Room beers soon, and a big thank you to Andrew (@TheAleRoom) for sending them through to me!

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