Looking forward to baron rating George Wright's One Hop Beers

George Wright Brewery are one of my local breweries being just a few miles down the road in Rainford. They are a brewer of traditional style ales until sometime in the past couple of years when they started to brew a range of stronger single hop ales as part of their monthly guest ales. They bottled a few of these and we got to try a few last year so I'm excited to see that they are continuing to experiment with the stronger single hop ales with some new hops that I've not tried before:

Really like the new look of the labels, big improvement
George Wright Brewery
  • Eldorado - 5.1% single American hop ale, a premium ale using only the Eldorado hop, giving this ale a hint of apricot, peach & melon
  • Pacifica - 5.1% single New Zealand hop ale, a premium ale using only the Pacifica hop, giving this ale a citrusy, hoppy character along side a hint of orange
  • Vital - 5.1% single Czech hop ale, a premium ale using only theVital hop, giving this ale a fruity and spicy character
Look out for baron ratings for these George Wright Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Shaun (@GWrightsbrewing) for handing them over to me!

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