Great cheap ale selection from Booths (Windermere)

Mike Nolan (you are a star) picked up a great selection of ales on offer for me from Booths in Windermere. He was up there for the weekend, saw the cracking deals and got in touch with me via Twitter!

Here is my selection which cost just £11 for 9 bottles:

  • Holden's Golden
  • St. Peter's India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Wentworth WPA
  • Wold Top Falling Stone
The Adnams Bitter and Wold Top Falling Stone were just £1/bottle (until the 19th Jan), not sure about the others but Mike did say that all fell under the baron-friendly price of £1.33.  A nice selection with nearly half that I've not tried before, Mike personally recommended the St. Peter's IPA so I'm looking forward to that! As always, 'baron ratings' will follow once they have been sampled...

Thanks again Mike!


Mike Nolan said...

Hope I've not over hyped the St Peter's. I'm a big fan of most IPAs - I like Punk IPA remember :)

Baron Orm said...

I've started to find that the hoppy ales and therefore IPAs are my favourites too - I've even picked up another bottle of Punk IPA to see if my tastes has changed since I first rated it

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