Reviews of the first 7 ales of myBrewerytap's 52 Week Beer Club (December pack)

Chris Routledge & I joined myBrewerytap's 52 Week Beer Club in December and so we received our first quarter's ales a few weeks ago.  We decided to split the tasting of the 13 bottled ales into two sessions, the first of which was on Wednesday last week.

We tried seven of the thirteen ales and focused mainly on the bitters, leaving the pale ales for the second tasting.  Here are links to the seven ales that we've 'baron rated':

The bottle of Gamekeeper was our favourite of the night (not quite a 5/5 though) and the Raglan Sleeve our least favourite (but still a good ale).
Overall we were very impressed with not a single bottle below a [3/5] which was surprising to us both.  We are both really looking forward to getting stuck into the remaining six bottles in a few weeks time.

 We also recorded the first few bottles-worth of conversation as an experiment, please let me know if it was interesting/funny/informative and you want to hear more from Chris & I in future tasting sessions:

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