'Laying down' bottles of Adnams Tally-Ho

I recently ordered a number of cases of Adnams Innovation [baron rating 5/5] & Adnams Tally-Ho [baron rating 5/5].

I was interested to know how long I could keep the Tally-Ho for and how would the flavour of the beer change with time.

I asked Adnams head-brewer Fergus about his thoughts on 'laying down' Adnams Tally-Ho:

We've put two years life on them but I suspect they will be good for at least a few more good years after that. The beer will of course change over time but we've had cask Tally Ho after 3 years which was great.

It will become more Sherry like over time so if you like that flavour in beer then lay it down for as long as you want.  Over a long storage period beer can develop strong Marmite flavours, again some people like this but I'll admit it's not something I look for in a beer.

Generally I don't keep beer for longer than 5 years unless it's something I'm probably not going to open, although there are always exceptions.

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