Looking forward to 'baron rating' some AlesByMail ales soon!

A couple of weeks ago I tweeted saying how much I was loving the National Trust (Westerham) Viceroy IPA [baron rating 5/5] which was part of my #beerswap pack from Mark Dredge. Later that evening Paul from AlesByMail got in touch wondering if I would like to try the rest of the Westerham ales range - well have you ever heard the Baron say "no"? ;)

The beers arrived today but Paul was extremely generous and not only included the Westerham Brewery range but also the Elmtree Beers, Green Room Ales & Oxfordshire Ales ranges as well!

AlesByMail sell a large range of British real ales as well as selling top-quality, outdoor-reared pork sausages, delivered fresh to your door. Beer & meat - do you need anything else? (don't answer that one please!)

Here is the extensive list of the beers that will soon be receiving a 'baron rating':

Westerham Brewery

Oxfordshire Ales

Green Room Ales

Elmtree Beers

    Look out for 'baron ratings' for these AlesByMail beers soon, and a big thank you to Paul from AlesByMail for sending these through to me!

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