Looking forward to 'baron rating' Sierra Nevada ales very soon!

Richard at myBrewerytap looks after the baron, never failing to amazing when yet another courier delivers a special box of ales. Today's box was quite something, a range of Sierra Nevada ales (plus something else to be blogged about later...)

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

  • Porter - 5.6% rich bittersweet & roasted toffee
  • Stout - 5.8% bold roasted coffee & dark chocolat
  • Torpedo - 7.2% 'extra' IPA, citrus, pine & herbal
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these myBrewerytap beers soon, and a big thank you to Richard from myBrewerytap for sending these through to me! 

Buy Sierra Nevada ales here


Ed said...

Awesome, Torpedo is so good, unlike anything i've tasted in the UK.


Paul said...

I'm missing a trick on these US drinks... perhaps I should prise myself out of Britain at some point.

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