Looking forward to 'baron rating' Young's London Gold & Special London Ale very soon!

A few weeks ago, Young's was asking on twitter if anyone had any reviews of their beers that they wanted to share. I pointed them at my Young's Bitter [baron rating 4/5] blog post and they got back in touch asking if I would like to try some others.

I 'baron rated' Young's Special London Ale [baron rating 5/5] a while ago before I did the MP3 audio reviews with Chris Routledge.  Young's said they would send some London Gold & Special London Ale through so that I could give them the full 'baron rating works' (i.e. record some audio as well as the usual text & photo).

On Friday last week some sample bottles of the above mentioned beers arrived:

Wells & Young's Brewing Company

  • London Gold - 4.8% light golden beer
  • Special London Ale - 6.4% smooth rich ale with spicy hops

Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Young's beers soon, and a big thank you to Joanna from YoungsBeers for sending these through to me!

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