myBrewerytap's 52 week beer club - first impresssions

After reading a number of blog posts about myBrewerytap's 52 week beer club, 'we' (Chris Routledge & I) signed up a few weeks ago, and the first quarter's batch arrived today.

Before I get to the photos & details of the pack I want to say how impressed I was with the delivery and packaging - the whole box arrived completely unmarked and from following other twitterers it appears that we ALL received it on the same day! That's quite some service!

The well-packaged ale comes with tasting notes as well:

Last quarter I believe it shipped with a glass and bottle opener, this time it came with a 'myBrewerytap' glass, packet of spicy Yorkshire crisps & some 'Dirty Vicar' cheese!

Here are the first six beers:

  • Leyden Raglan Sleeve
Here are the next seven:

Now all Chris & I have to do is set a date to start sampling & 'baron rating' them!

For full details of the 52 week beer club, check out the website

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