Looking forward to 'baron rating' Okells ales very soon!

The Isle of Man-based Okells Brewery doesn't get much talk on twitter, probably due to the fact that their beers are so hard to get hold of "off island" so when they offered to send me a mixed case I jumped at the chance. Okells bitter is a beer that I've enjoyed on many a business trip to the isle of man so a chance to try their bottled range is a must:

Okells Brewery
  • 1907 - 6.1% light & crisp,with a refreshing hint of lemon & dry, bitter finish
  • Aile - 4.7% smoked Celtic porter
  • Doctor Okell's IPA - 4.5% India Pale Ale
  • Mac Lir - 4.4% wheat beer, light golden colour, refreshing burst of sweetness, complex dry finish
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Okells Brewery beers soon, and a big thank you to Mike from Okells Brewery for sending these through to me!


Paul Kruzycki said...

We have today spoken with Okell's with a view to acting as their distribution point in the UK.

The baron made me do it :-).

Baron Orm said...

That's excellent news! Was it really due to seeing this blog post?

I'm going over to the island hopefully in September so will say hi from Ales By Mail if I meet up with them :D

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