Ales By Mail Virtual Beer Festival (Oct 2011)

Ales By Mail were very kind to me again this week by sending through the six bottles that make up the lineup for their upcoming Virtual Beer Festival on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th October 2011. Using the twitter hashtag #VBF (or #vbf) fellow drinkers will comment and discuss the beers therefore creating a virtual beer festival where we can all take about the same beer.
The line-up is as follows:

Watch me run through the beers selected for the Virtual Beer Festival:

So there you have it, a fine line-up for an evening's entertainment, so make sure you order these VBF beers from Ales By Mail in their 6, 12, or 24 bottled form and join me on Friday 14th October for some virtual beer tasting!

Thank you to Paul Kruzycki from Ales By Mail for sending these through for a 'baron rating' and enjoying during the Virtual Beer Festival!

Buy all these ales here

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