Banks's UCB

Banks's UCB [baron rating 5/5] - 5.3% amber ale,mild spicy & sulphur smell,spicy oily bittersweet caramel taste,mildly sweet spicy finish

Note: Not bottle conditioned


arn said...

finally got round to it then!!

Surprisingly good isn't it.

Baron Orm said...

I actually drank it quite a while ago, but I've had a bit of a backlog in my ratings notebook so it's been a while!

I really enjoyed it, a good mix of spicy hops and caramel with a solid body to back it up.

Will definitely be buying some more when I see it next.

Anonymous said...

sitting here with a glass of UCB, they sell it in my local Aldi (Liverpool)!

Baron Orm said...

Cheers for letting me know, how are you finding it?

Excellent stuff, they had it in the Ormskirk branch for a couple of weeks but not seen it for months now.

@Judging_Jester said...

I got all excited about it maybe being in Aldi ... it wasn't .... I cried at the checkout

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