Windsor & Eton Conqueror 1075

Not bottle conditioned
Windsor & Eton Conqueror 1075 [baron rating 5/5] - 7.4% black ale,vinous roasted smell,rich warming orange taste,vanilla choc orange finish
Listen to what Chris and the Baron have to say about it

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Thank you to @WindsorEtonBrew from Windsor & Eton Brewery for sending this through for a 'baron rating'!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again guys- can't complain at 5/5! Your listeners may be interested to know how we produce this beer. Its done by using our standard Conqueror recipe but because the wort would be too weak with the usual amount of sparging then we cut cut short the run off and only take the first strong worts. We then dump the grain (lucky cattle - still got loads of sugar in!) and mash again to repeat the process so we end up with enough wort. We then increase all other ingredients eg hopping including dry hop, prorata. There is only one problem- it ferments like a steam train- the yeast just loves that amount of sugar! Thanks again, Paddy

Baron Orm said...

Thanks Paddy for giving us some more details about how the beer is made. It was lovely.

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