The Beer Stick - the perfect bottle opener?

I'm always on the lookout for new gadgets and items involved in the beer world and bottle openers are no exception. I read about a great bottle opener on The Brew Bros website called The Beer Stick which looked great and also worked a treat for getting caps off in a pristine state.

I got in touch with Ben Focht @TheBeerStick about them and he kindly sent a few over the pond, these are the first to set foot in the UK:

They are beautiful hand-made bottle openers made from sustainable, renewable USA resources made in Denver, Colorado. They look really nice and feel really nice, and the ones that arrived still had a smell of burnt wood from the branding that they have received!

The great thing with this bottle opener is that it removes the cap so cleanly that you can't tell that it's even been on a bottle, there's no crease, no bend, no deformation of the cap sides to indicate that it's been prised off. Check out the un-bottling video below for proof:

Competition time folks!

If you would like to win the third ever Beer Stick to enter the UK (Chris and I have the other two) then please leave a comment below with the reason why you need The Beer Stick - give me your sob story about cheap plastic bottle openers or about failed openings of prized bottle tops, whatever you think would make me pick you over the others!

Thank you to Ben (@TheBeerStick) from The Beer Stick for sending this through to me!


@Judging_Jester said...

For years I've searched for the perfect bottle. My search has led me far and wide from the desolate plains of Hull to the bright lights and easy living of Blackpool. Many bottle openers have been found but none have lived up to the perfection that I know a bottle cap can be removed from a bottle in. My search for the sangréal of bottle openers continues.

A few years ago rumour reached my years that the Maltis Hoppish Monks of Higher Upper Outer Mongolia had perfected the art of removing a bottle caps without leaving a blemish on the cap, whether by sorcery or invention was not made clear, but what I did know for certain was that I had to find out.

Out of the expeditionary force of 20 that originally set only three people survived the journey, out of those three I am the only one who can speak English, meaning I am the only one who can divulge the secrets of the Maltis Hoppis Monks (at least in English). The journey itself was hell on earth, luckily the path was straight forward as there was a new motorway straight to the Monks door but someone had only thought to bring Greene King IPA with them (interestingly he was the first to die in an 'unexplained accident').

Once we reached the temple the Monks divulged their secret readily enough. It appears that a side effect of a life time of prayer and contemplation has left their bodies in a state muscular taughtness. This coupled with the fact that they do not own a bottle open and have a love for bottle conditioned beer has lead them to remove the cap in the most inventive way. By placing the bottle in-between their glutious maximus muscles and giving a quick squeeze the bottle cap just falls off.

The monks taught me this method of bottle cap removal and I have found it very efficient (for some reason the beer does seem to have a funny aftertaste). There has however, been a few problems when I have used this method of bottle cap removal in this country - mainly that people suddenly no longer want a beer.

If I was to have a Beer Stick bottle cap remover I could achieve both of the essentials I want in a bottle opener, unblemished bottle caps and no funny aftertaste in the beer.

Cooking Lager said...

I would like to win it because it looks like a useful weapon to take with me to "the badlands of camra festivals" No longer would I feel fear in the company of bearded types.

Baron Orm said...

This entry is from Ste Wells (who emailed me direct):

Please send me one I have been trying to get one of these for over a year now and didn't now were to get one from as I have only see a picture of one ,please can I be the third owner of one of these works of art baron

Stoph McBride said...

Please can I have it as I can no lomger afford the dentist fees due to opening them with my teeth. Plus this Brewdog keychain one is crap.

Anonymous said...

I like it, that is all.

Baron Orm said...

I asked The Beer Stick himself (Ben Focht) to pick the winner yesterday and this is what he came back with:

Hello Baron,

I reviewed the entries in the comment contest - While I am not sure if you
established any ground rules (like correct spelling, grammar, etc) Judging on creativity alone, the Judging Jester is clearly in the lead.

Please inform the Jester that I hope he is never subjected to foul aftertaste, and forever finds peace, tranquility and additional creativity while using his very own Beerstick.

Thanks Baron - this has been fun. I look forward to more.

All the best.

beerguru said...

Hey! We appreciate you mentioning our write up, and we love that you purchased one! Cheers! -The Brew Bros

beerguru said...

Hey! We appreciate you mentioning our write up, and we love that you purchased one! Cheers! -The Brew Bros

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