Looking forward to 'baron rating' Otley ales very soon!

Otley Brewing Company got in touch with me earlier this week to see if I would like to try some Otley ales and two days later a lovely big box arrived.

Inside the expertly packaged box I found not only six finely coloured bottles of Otley beer but also some extra freebies (I like freebies!). There was a booklet about the beers & brewery, an Otley-branded pint pot, a bottle opener, beer coaster and a superb Otley rubber bar runner!

The bottles are quite unique in that they not only have the normal crown caps but also have a coloured plastic wrapper the same as you would find on most bottles of wine. It means that the necks of the bottles stand out quite a bit compared to other bottled ales.

One thing that I did find strange was that there were no details on the bottle about what type of beer it was (I got the descriptions below from the rather handy information booklet).  Is this intentional?

Otley Brewing Company

  • O1 - 4% pale straw colour ale with heavy hop aromas
  • O6 PORTER - 6.6% old style porter with a deep & full flavour
  • O8 - 8% pale golden ale,hoppy aromas & good bitterness
  • O4 COLOMB-O - 4% very pale golden ale packed with American Columbus hops
  • O-GARDEN - 4.8% clear wheat beer spiced with orange peel,coriander & cloves
  • O-HO-HO - 5% full bodied bitter with a generous infusion of blueberries
Look out for 'baron ratings' for these Otley Brewing Company beers soon, and a big thank you to @OtleyBrewingCo from Otley for sending these through to me!

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arn said...

wow, the boy done good there!!

Otley pubs/brewery are about 20 minutes from me, all 3 considered great pubs.
The bottles up until 4-5 months ago were even more indistinguishable, they didn't have the coloured tops then, all were black. very distinctive look and branding, but no they have not really had any more info about the style on them.
my fav's - 01, 08, colomb-o is great.
o-garden was welsh camra festival 2010 best beer but i'm not sold on it personally.
o-ho-ho great xmas beer, but also i imagine a great summer beer chilled with a BBQ.

you lucky man!!!!!

Baron Orm said...

Thanks for all the comments you give on my blog,you are always the first to comment! :)

I think the bottles look great but a short description would be nice as well.

I really wanted to open the O8 tonight but thought it best to save that for a night with Chris to give it an audio review.

I do have the bottle of COLOMB-O next to me though... ;)

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