Morrisons January ale & beer offers (3rd January - 23rd January 2011)

It's January's new beer & ale offers time in Morrisons (or rather it was last week) so I popped into the local Ormskirk branch today to check them out.

Here are the details:
  • Marston's The Ashes
  • £1 (guest ale)

I bought a bottle of the Master Brew as it's not a bad tipple at all,nothing to fancy and very "Shepherd Neame" but nice none the less. I didn't bother with Marston's The Ashes brew as it looked almost identical to their Victorious Ale [baron rating 1/5] which wasn't very nice at all!

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Curmudgeon said...

After the VAT rise, Morrisons have put the price per bottle of their standard beer range up to £1.75, although it's still £5.50 for four.

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